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Buyukada Transportation

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Ada Palas Boutique Hotel services in a central place that would be said as the heart of Buyukada with its position. Our hotel which is in downtown is at 5 minutes walking distance to the port.

Buyukada Transportation

Most sailed island among islands is Buyukada which is most different county of Istanbul. It can be only come here by sea vehicles. Sea buses belonging to IDO, steamers belonging to city lines and private companies’ motors such as Mavi Marmara, Turyol, Prens Tur are vehicles which provide transportation. There are mutual voyages from Buyukada to Bostanci, Maltepe, Kadikoy, Kabatas, Kartal, Eminonu, Karakoy, Yalova and other islands.

For detailed Buyukada voyages:

Tariffs for Buyukada IDO, City-Lines Steamer and Motor

Sea buses cruises total two time in morning and evening from Kabatas to Buyukada at weekends in winter months, one time in morning hours from Bostanci. Summer-tariff starts in the middle of June in each year. Generally, hours are like that.

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You can reach to Buyukada from Bostanci, Kabatas, Kadikoy and other islands in certain hours by city-lines steamers.

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Hours in summer-winter tariff are applied in each day for motors which come from Bostanci, Maltepe and Kabatas.

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Transportation is provided bu motors coming from Kabatas on everyday, from Yalova only on Sunday. It is made at same hours everyday. Boat which puts up from Yalova at 11:00 turns back from Buyukada at 18:15 on the same day.

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Motors which put up from. Karakoy, Eminonu and Kadikoy cruise two times as mutual to Buyukada in week and on saturday, three times on sundays.

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28 Voyages are mutually made from Kartal to the island everyday.

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